A political and cultural declaration.

    Welcome one and all to this website.  On it, we shall discuss our country, its government, and expose a system that favors the wealthy and large corporations at the expense of millions of average citizens and the poor, many of whom live in slums.

         Compounding the plight of these disadvantaged citizens is a health care system that excludes millions or is otherwise so expensive that it is the greatest cause of bankruptcies in the country. By way of contrast, all of the industrial nations and many third world countries have governments that embrace the belief that health care is a basic human right, and their systems finance that commitment. Otherwise, in the United States, while the richest one percent are given a trillion and a half dollar tax cut, our infrastructure continues to crumble, environmental issues are ignored, and the national debt soars to new, potentially crippling heights.

    Other issues will also be addressed as circumstances in United States are compared, very unfavorably, to Europe with an emphasis on the Nordic countries.

    Gun violence and a pervasive gun loving culture in the United States has grown to become an international embarrassment.  Beginning with an easy access to guns, both legally and illegally, several cities in the United States experience a higher death by guns total than entire countries around the world. Assault rifles, whose only purpose is not hunting, but rather to kill people, continue to be easily available and have become the weapon of choice when mass murders are the intent of the shooter.  How this problem can be minimized must be addressed as it has become a serious, and so far a futile challenge. 

    Another important and pervasive problem involves the cost of a college education in the United States compared to all the other developed countries. In those other countries the government makes a college education easily affordable to those students who qualify for advanced studies. In the United States, thousands of college students either drop out because they cannot afford the cost or graduate with a degree but are burdened by a debt that often leads to bankruptcy.

    No other developed nation has the drug problems that are invading the lives of their citizens to the extent that it is so pervasive as in the United States.  And no age group or status is escaping this menace. Fueled by drug companies, politicians, and the medical establishment, we’re now just beginning to give this tragedy the attention it deserves. Mental health is at issue here as well, but that’s not the beginning and end of the problem and its solution.

    So, we have a lot to identify, define, and discuss with the hope of finding solutions. These issues have been long in developing and are deeply embedded. As a consequence, while it may be unrealistic to find immediate cures, we should all share the responsibility for addressing these issues and continuously strive to lessen their destructive impact.